FEMA Elevation Certificate and LOMA

If your home or building is identified as lying within a flood zone, you will be required to pay for flood insurance.  In many cases your individual property, dwelling or building may be completely above the determined base flood elevations and therefore this insurance may not be required, or the level of insurance may be less than you are currently required to maintain.


There is a process to determine if your building is above the threshold for a reduction or elimination of your insurance, and this is a two-step process of obtaining an elevation certificate, followed by filing a Letter of Map Amendment, should your building be found to be above the base flood elevation.

Only a licensed land surveyor can prepare a FEMA elevation certificate, or “flood cert” as it is sometimes called.  This process requires a surveyor to come to the property and observe elevations at the structure, identifying high and low adjacent grades, elevations of floors and equipment of the building, and other elevations as required.  This data is processed and an elevation certificate is prepared. 

Based on the findings of the field observations and elevation certification, the client can file a Letter of Map Amendment, or LOMA as it is frequently called. This can be daunting and we can file this letter on your behalf if you wish to expedite the process and move forward with communicating with your insurance company to address your policy requirements with respect to flood insurance.

3 Wire Surveying has the experience and expertise to quickly and professionally prepare your elevation certificate and file your LOMA.  Brian Brennan is a certified floodplain manager (CFM) and has assisted dozens of clients in this process.  If you have a question about this process or if you are uncertain if your building qualifies, give us a call or send an email to Brian@3wiresurveying.com